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Beautiful, fast and modern React UI library.

npm install @nextui-org/react
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Provides a simple way to customize default themes, you can change the colors, fonts, breakpoints and everything you need.


Avoids unnecessary styles props at runtime, making it more performant than other UI libraries.

Light & Dark UI

Automatic dark mode recognition, NextUI automatically changes the theme when it detects HTML theme prop changes.

Unique DX

NextUI is fully-typed to minimize the learning curve, and provide the best possible developer experience.

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Apply your own



NextUI provides a simple way to customize the default themes, you can change the colors, fonts, breakpoints and everything you need.





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less code.

NextUI components have been created with the Developer's experience
in mind, avoiding having to import multiple components to display just one.

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Dark mode



NextUI comes with a fully well-scaled default dark theme that you can apply to your application with just a few lines of code.

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Customization made


Thanks to NextUI is built on top of the amazing CSS-in-JS library Stitches, you can customize any components in several ways either using the css prop, styled function or native CSS selectors.

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Built-in Stitches


NextUI provides a set of out of the box Stitches utilities for speeding up your workflow by abbreviating CSS properties, grouping multiple CSS properties together, or simplifying a tricky syntax.

Property shorthands

Using a shorthand property, you can write more concise and more readable CSS, saving time and energy.

Property bundles are CSS properties that let you set the values of multiple other CSS properties simultaneously.

NextUI provides a set of out of the box Stitches utilities that simplify CSS syntax.

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A fully-featured React UI library.

Server side render (SSR)

All NextUI components support cross-browser server-side rendering and provides a simple way to implement it in your project.

Accessible components

NextUI components follow the WAI-ARIA guidelines, provide keyboard support and sensible focus management.

Focus interactions

Focus ring will appear only when user navigates with keyboard or screen reader.

Built-in media queries

NextUI provides a set of common media queries that, along with Stitches breakpoints allow you create responsive layouts faster.

TypeScript based

Build type safe applications, NextUI has a fully-typed API to minimize the learning curve, and help you build applications.

Override components tags

A polymorphic `as` prop is included in all NextUI components.

Critical Path CSS

Since NextUI is based on Stitches, it only injects the styles which are actually used, so your users don't download unnecessary CSS.

Beautifully designed

NextUI components are unique and are not tied to any visual trend or design rule, which makes us unique and of course your projects as well.

Support NextUI

If you run a business that intends to use NextUI in a revenue-generating product, or if you're a freelancer and NextUI saves you time in your work, or you're just using it in a fun project, your contributions will help to make NextUI better.

Open Collective

Sponsor the NextUI maintainers.


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Let's make the Web


Try it for yourself, and share with us what you've built!

npm install @nextui-org/react

Getting Started

NextUI allows you make beautiful, modern, and fast websites/applications regardless of your design experience.

NextUI + Next.js

NextUI is totally compatible with Next.js you just need to customize the _app.jsx entry file to load the provider.